Who are we?

We are Chris Mount and Nick Cregan and together we are MountCregan. We’ve been working together for longer than we care to think about and have a combined 80+ years’ of global live event production experience. We believe in a hands-on, personalised approach to client events so we can deliver what you need, when you need it, at the budget you set

What do we do?

We ideate, design, produce, manage, and deliver best-in-industry live and hybrid global events for audiences of any size, anywhere and for any budget. We’ve launched games in dungeons, perfumes on runways, and gathered global cohorts for conferences and celebrations. However you want to show up, we will make it happen – from branded VR experiences to giant ducks (told you we had stories).

Where do we work?

Global but local. We maintain a healthy, sustainable global network of do-ers, thinkers, creators, actors, speakers, makers, drivers and producers – all of whom contribute to a tailored, hands-on experience that we aim to make unforgettable in all the best ways. We want your audience (team, viewers at home, guests) to get not just the ‘wow’ factor but also the ‘this feels personal to me’ feeling.

Why work with us?

We’re cost- and planet-conscious to reflect the values you uphold. We work with local suppliers (we don’t transport equipment long-distance unless it’s unavoidable) and bring together experienced, diverse teams that speak to our track record and reliability. Your trust is the most valuable resource we have and our commitment to your plans and attention to detail will be unrivalled.